"Bebak-Nainuk" is a website where the articles are written with the most credible and well-established information on various issues related to the subject. Here, all the articles will be tried to light up the light of modern knowledge in my mother tongue "KOKBOROK".

One of the main objective of this site is that in the light of modern Scientific knowledge, writing about ( or against) the common beliefs and superstitions. 

Various texts on this site will be developed to disseminate Scientific and Philosophical perspectives. This is also another important purpose of this site. 

Every person should be educated in a logical thinking, be free thinker, must be humanist, must be non-communal. Otherwise, human civiliation can not progress. Various articles are written about this and will be written here.

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Bebak nangma Swrwngmung tei Simung ni bagwi Kokborok ni kaisa blog omo. Oroni bisingtwi kokborok no kuchukgo karijaknai tei Kokborok sanai rogni bagwi belaikhe Simung-Kwtal phainai.